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#326580 4 Wheeling in Western Australia

Posted by Bent 'S' on 21 July 2014 - 10:02 AM



I was down at Edwards Rd on Saturday and come across your group of vehicles. One of them was stuck going up a hill. Imagine my surprise when another of the vehicles with your group just cut a new track through the bush to get in front of the stuck vehicle to recover it. Then other vehicles in your group started using the new track cut. Then other vehicles in the next group started using the track your guys cut.


Earlier in this thread you promoted responsible 4WDing and stated it was only a small minority of people that cut new tracks.


You are a hypocritical knob!!


People like you are the reasons that tracks get closed down.


I will make it simple. If you can't get through something, turn around and go back out. There is no reason you couldn't have snatched the stuck vehicle back down the hill and there was a large cleared area to be able to turn around.

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#328489 Seen my truck?

Posted by Feral1 on 28 February 2015 - 02:39 AM

I found it! A complete freak accident, was just riving around after midnight looking for it and saw a hilux with no lights on turn into a driveway 50 meters up the road. I followed it down the driveway and presto, found my truck, plus the lowlife scum who stole it! Talk about fairytale endings.

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#329773 So who's still on here???

Posted by Jamie on 07 May 2016 - 08:58 PM

What the hell... i have 1 warning point, from april 26 2010. From Zbeast for language. Damn moderators!

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#326630 4 Wheeling in Western Australia

Posted by ZBEAST on 22 July 2014 - 04:32 PM

good new everybody, I found some more Popcorn

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#329400 Calling All Comp Cars

Posted by madmacca on 20 October 2015 - 06:11 AM

Rocks and Ruts 2015 Round 2 was run and won on the weekend 


Awesome effort by the Perth Offroad Promotions guys again 


1st Darren Rafferty,


2nd Simon Reid,


3rd Toby Brydon 


4x4 Images night stage winner Clint Taylor



Some Photos at the links below of the Ontrack Fabrication stage (Stage One)










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#328603 Welding diff on sang young musso

Posted by awwricecracker on 16 March 2015 - 05:07 AM

crazy aussie security, is that you?

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#327354 Kwinana Horse Beach Potential Closure

Posted by ozzypatrol on 25 September 2014 - 05:06 AM

hadn't been there in about 7 months. Was bloody disgusted when i went by last week, the dune system has been destroyed by dkheads to lazy to drive somewhere to get their dune driving fix. As above, it is a beach for relaxing not driving up and down cos your dardy hektik. It is getting closed regardless due to an industrial development. It just burns my piss that people think because they have a 4wd it is their right to destroy anything their wheels touch. No thanks to facebook

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#327325 Pirtek WA Extreme 4x4 Challenge

Posted by dustyboy on 22 September 2014 - 07:57 PM

On the weekend just gone the 2nd annual Pirtek Challenge was held. This years event was a major step forward from last years event,  and for winch challenge events in WA. The bar for teams and organisers continues to be raised thanks to events like this.


Proceedings started on Thursday morning with scrutineering of ten teams lining up to accept the challenge from organisers Ash Delich and Dave Bartlett. With the formalities done and dusted everyone was itching to get into some action in the form of a prologue of a bunted course  comprising fast downhill sections, technical tight off camber turns, log crossings that rewarded courage and throttle control and a maze of trees and rock steps. Cleverly placed track markers rewarded teams who brought a level head to the uncorking of what was to be an awesome event.


Over the next 3 days teams faced stages consisting of GPS navigation in multi point and point to point stages, tight bunted courses with plenty of tight turns and tree dodging, rock steps, short pinch gullys and technical winching. Endless meandering mud runs and some water crossings were thrown in on the last day to round out a truly multi discipline 4x4 challenge. 


One of the glaring differences between this and last years event is the more even spread of points and stage results high lighting that WA is moving forward in the quality of its teams.


The final podium places were first place Adrian Parker, second place Brad Morris, third Peter Tooby. Bring on next year.





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#326636 4 Wheeling in Western Australia

Posted by Chris on 22 July 2014 - 07:08 PM

Yeah Bevan, it has been moved a couple of feet up the track, it actually makes it harder for full bodied cars, you have to turn right and then left and if you get thrown off line climbing up then you get stuck on a big rock with your left rear. Myself and another had to get winched sideways a foot or so before being able to reverse back.

Why did you move the rock, Dave?
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#326028 Calling All Comp Cars

Posted by edge on 15 June 2014 - 11:36 AM

Round 2 of the Perth 4X4 & Halogen Electrical Services Rocks & Ruts Racing 2014 Series will be held on the weekend of 18th - 19th of October at Arcadia Farms in Jurien :hello2:

Entry Forms will be made available soon.

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#329448 Sick of doing the powerlines? Try Toodyay, we made a page with GSP locations...

Posted by Souljah on 29 November 2015 - 09:11 AM

Hi people.


If you're sick of running the power lines track every weekend try Toodyay it's only 45m from the edge of town.

Here is the link to a 4WD tracks page for Toodyay http://www.toodyayau...yay-4wd-tracks/


The page currently has 1 track mapped out with GSP way points.

We'll upload some more tracks when we get time. There is an easy one up there for now. I'm sure those who want it a bit harder can use it as a starting point and take it from there OR pop your head into Toodyay Autocentre and ask Brent where the hard stuff is he'll point you in the direction of some diff breaker.


Please rememeber to respect farmers fence lines up this way. Land owner don't want yobbo cunts doing damaged to their fences and gates.. Do not cut locks off gates or push down fences to get access to tracks.


P.S, they are Mickey Thompson reps at toodyay auto centre. If you want a set of Mickey Thompsons then consider hitting them up. Mention this post and I'm sure Brent will do something to look after ya.





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#328874 Good service

Posted by Patrolling Paddy on 13 May 2015 - 10:10 PM

Just a quick note to share a positive shopping experience.

Finally getting around to fitting my 4" snorkel and needed some rubber elbows.
Found a shop in Cannington, nah mate don't sell them anymore. We'll take the bloody things off your website.
Sounds like a winge but it lead me to another store in Canningvale.

Mammoth equipment and exhausts, they do a lot of truck parts by the look.

Thier web site was pretty extensive and include accurate pricing, called them and they had plenty of stock for 4" 45s and 90s.
Went down there and it was a pretty flash setup, staff were friendly and knew thier setup well.
Sale was quick and easy.
The bit that was the icing on the cake was I had my 3 year old boy with me and he was being quite well behaved and one of the guys, seemed to a manager of some kind said hi to him then walked by and dissapeared out the back. A couple of minutes later he came back and says to my boy would you like a torch? Hands him a little led promotional torch and then gives him an esky bag and tells him he can put his lunch in it, then looks at me and says or daddy might be able to use it for something.

Great buying experiencing and my boy was happy as a pig in $hit that he had is own torch.

A small token but made a big difference to the day.

Recommend them if you're chasing intake parts, have a look at thier site and see what they have to tickle your fancy.

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#328232 Life and certain death.

Posted by sharkcaver on 25 January 2015 - 06:45 PM

Such a shame. A worthy topic of discussion brought into disrepute with the addition of agenda's and discussion on non relevant politics. Alan Jones or Howard Sattler would be proud.


BTW, I hope for your loved ones and friends, you never fu(k up. You just lost all of my respect.

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#328226 Rust Proof

Posted by Rosie on 24 January 2015 - 08:37 PM

Interesting first post, got any other good deals lately?

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#327952 3L Patrol, 4.2 transplant?

Posted by GASSED GU on 12 December 2014 - 06:22 PM

Not for us that own them ;-)
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#327319 Helena Aurora Ranges EPA Comment Submission Time

Posted by Joe Fury on 21 September 2014 - 01:17 PM

G'day Forum members


I trust you don't mind my informal gathering of you all as members and not as individuals, yet you are all very individual and that's what makes the Helen Aurora Range post so very important, your are all passionate about what is really a magnificent part of "our big state".


I am a member of this forum and have sadly been rather in active for a long while and that's only because my life and life style is based wholly in the Pilbara and as such much of the forum content is well outside of my region and with little or no actual personal experience with much of what you all call important or normal in your four wheel drive adventures and destinations, that's not to say I don't enjoy reading your stories.


I have to agree whole heartedly about the Helen Aurora Range mining proposals as being nothing but wrong and every effort should be focused on stopping the greedy push for resources and with that the destruction of  pristine country and of everything that goes with this insidious "pigs at the trough" mentality that seems to drive our state and the nations economy.


Very sadly the Pilbara is being plundered at a frenetic rate for a resource that "China" no longer requires so much of, yet there are new iron ore projects being developed as we speak and with these projects comes all the negatives that we and our future generations have to live with.


I harbour no grudge or animosity with those of you who work in the resource industry, even if you are working in my back yard, but believe me I will not shed a tear when the mining industry off loads any of their workforce numbers because their bottom line is being squeezed just a little harder, you will be collateral damage and nothing more.


But please fight and fight hard for your and our wilderness areas because once they are touched by industry they are changed forever and the inland Pilbara is being changed irreversibly.


Joe Fury

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#326717 Hoon Laws - Crush cars on first offence.

Posted by squigs on 25 July 2014 - 11:17 PM

I do not agree with the proposed law change. Yes get the %ickheads of the road,and i think the laws we have now are fine.


But you loose your car because the wife spun the wheels on wet grass or sand while pulling off the verge trying to merge with traffic?

Loose your car because you rev it and its classified as a nuisance the public?

Car gone because you took off too fast from the lights and you are racing ?

Leave a small black mark on the road and its gone?


I am sorry but to much controlling power over this so called police state.


I hate to say it but you get a cop on a bad day and you are screwed !!!!

Example like this

About 6 months ago was pulled over in the wife's Impala as i was 5 k's over the limit ( really? ) i was explaining the speedo is in miles an hour and being a 1967 model car the needle fluctuates 5 k's each way.

Well  the young cop was a little prick the way he was talking to me and heading for a smack in the mouth due to his attitude.

His older partner calmed him down as he was way over the top and i was calm as !!!- i was shocked by his dummy spit 

I had no problem happy to pay the fine - i sped got caught no problem - 


I am not a police hater as they have a job and my son is applying for the force ( he too is a car guy) But I would rather see all this energy and time put to driver ed / home invasions etc.

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#326655 The Official Whinge Thread

Posted by ted on 23 July 2014 - 05:51 PM


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#326310 PowerLines track

Posted by Brisey on 29 June 2014 - 08:30 AM

According to our association delegate at last week's 4x4 meeting the rifle range has recently been using high powered rifles and there is a slight risk now that some bullets may get passed the safety bunker & hit a car or person on the power line track. Instead of permanently closing that section of the power lines the gates have been installed & will only be closed when the high powered rifles are used which apparently is not very often.


No doubt there will be someone who will cut down the gates so when that happens you can expect the track will be closed permanently.


Everyone needs to work with this as if you remember back far enough the water corporation was going to close the powerlines at the same time the rest of the Mundaring tracks were closed but Calm, the association & many organisations like Perth 4x4 managed to keep it open.





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#326252 4 Wheeling in Western Australia

Posted by 4 Wheeling in WA on 23 June 2014 - 09:58 PM

Thanks mate, its a bit of a catch 22 with forums and that which is why I dont give away the upload files from a GPS, this way people need to make an effort to go to these places. My theory is if people make to effort to enter the points they are more likely to take care of the place.

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